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A pioneering independent financial markets research house located in London

We deliver rigorous market analysis and simplify complex macro trends,
producing investment advice for institutional and private investors.

The Intro

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  • Week Ahead Briefing
  • Shortview Trading Videos
  • Longview News & Blog Updates
  • Market Positioning
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What we do

Asset Allocation Analysis

Structural and Tactical asset allocation publications based on quantitative models and global macroeconomic views.

The Daily RAG

A daily models-driven analysis of the one to two week outlook for equity markets, typically focussed on the S&P 500.

Macro Trading Recommendations

Macro and technically driven one to six month trading ideas across all key asset classes.

Thematic Macro Research

Regular updates of the macroeconomic outlook and detailed analysis of long term themes for key global economies.

Shortview Trading Videos

Market commentary, webinar highlights and informational video content.

Who we are

A boutique team obsessed with markets, macro, and generating intelligent investment advice

The team consists of economists and quants with specialists in global macro, economic history, quantitative models and commodities. We deliver rigorous market analysis, take pride in simplifying complex macro trends and delivering lucid trading and investment advice.


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We produce free market commentary twice a week, discussing the equity market environment, key trading themes, and what matters most to traders that week. It's the perfect hit to start your trading day and a great introduction to the Daily RAG - our one to two week view on equity markets available to subscribers.

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4.4 macro trades performance
past 12 months (%)

Our track record of key calls speaks for itself

The historical performance of our recommendations is available both on the website and upon request. This transparency and accessibility provides assurance of our long term ability to forecast markets, whether that's a one to two week trade, a multi-month view, or a multi-year structural outlook.

The Intro


To help you get a feel for what we do, and to stay up to date with the latest Longview thinking, please sign up to 'The Intro' using the form below