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Meet the Longview Team

Longview's core team have been with the company for over forty years between them. Longview's tight-knit outfit results in clear and homogenous analysis and insight. In addition to the team below we have a number of sales representatives and consultants around the world. 

For enquiries about careers with Longview, please follow the link below.

Chris Watling


Chris Watling is the CEO and Chief Market Strategist at Longview Economics, which he founded in 2003. Chris has been obsessed with markets and generating intelligent investment advice since beginning his career at Cazenove in 1994. Prior to that, he trained at KPMG in London. Outside the office Chris reads financial market (and other) history. He's an avid sports enthusiast, watches most sports with his four sons, and runs the occasional marathon.

Harry Colvin

Director and Senior Market Strategist

Harry Colvin is a Director and Senior Market Strategist at Longview Economics. He specialises in global asset allocation, macro themes, and commodities. He has built and developed Longview's macro research process, market timing models, and short term trading products. Harry travels extensively, meeting clients, speaking at conferences and hosting economic debates. Away from the office, he enjoys skiing, sailing, and playing tennis.

Andrew Sluman

Quantitative Analyst

Andrew Sluman is an Quant Analyst at Longview Economics. Driven by a passion for data analytics and quant modelling, he is responsible for the development and evolution of Longview’s in-house proprietary economic and trading models as well as deep dive economic analysis. He also oversees Longview’s digital marketing and social media strategy. Outside of the office, Andrew is a keen frisbee player, TV quiz champion, wine enthusiast and amateur chef.

Brad Waddington

China and Commodities Specialist

Brad Waddington is a China and Commodities Specialist at Longview Economics. He specialises in commodities, and has driven the research process behind the Commodity Fundamentals Reports for the past several years. In particular, he focuses on analysing the fundamental drivers of oil, gold, copper, and iron ore prices. In his spare time, Brad loves to read about economic history and plays football for a number of teams.

Thomas Ryan

junior economic and markets analyst

Thomas Ryan is a Junior Economic and Markets Analyst at Longview Economics. His main interests lie in current macroeconomic themes and he aims to work with the team to develop the macro research and modelling process at Longview. At university, Thomas frequently led and took part in discussions centred on the macroeconomic climate and its impact on global markets. In his spare time, Thomas plays a number of sports to a high level and is an avid reader of fiction.

Vinesh Chowdhary

junior economic and markets analyst

Vinesh is a Junior Economic and Markets Analyst at Longview Economics. A post-graduate in Economics, his interests lie in macroeconomic themes around functioning of the Central Banks, taxation, international trade and sustainable finance. In his free time, Vinesh enjoys cooking vegan food from cuisines around the world, sketching digital art and watching Chelsea play live.

Rosie Kelly

Digital marketing and design assistant

Rosie Kelly is a Digital Marketing and Design Assistant at Longview Economics. She assists with the publication of Longview research, management of social media pages and production of video content, as well as working on our overall marketing strategy. Rosie is a keen sailor and has a passion for psychology, having gained a Bachelors degree before studying for a Masters in marketing.


Longview was founded in 2003 with a desire to produce research that was independent, courageous and relevant to every investor type. Since then, Longview has become a pioneering independent financial markets research house. We have built relationships with over 150 clients across the globe and we are constantly seeking to deliver rigorous and lucid market analysis and investment advice.

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