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Meet the Longview Board

Longview is a pioneering independent financial markets research house. We deliver rigorous market analysis, simplify complex macro trends and deliver lucid trading and investment advice. Our global clients are embraced as partners. Longview’s market analysis and research has consistently added alpha over the last 10 years and we are proud of our track record. 


Chris Watling founded Longview Economics in 2003 with a desire to produce research that was independent, courageous and relevant to every investor type. Chris has been obsessed with markets and generating intelligent investment advice since beginning his career at Cazenove in 1994. Prior to that, he trained at KPMG in London. Longview has built relationships with over 150 clients across the globe and are constantly seeking to deliver cutting edge market analysis and trading ideas.


Harry Colvin is a director and senior market strategist at Longview Economics. He specialises in commodities, global asset allocation and macro themes. He has built and developed Longview's commodity research process, timing models, trade recommendations and research products. Harry travels extensively, meeting clients, speaking at conferences and hosting economic debates. 



Jo is the chief operating officer at Longview.  Her role is to keep the office running smoothly, ensuring the team is happy and the client needs are met. The Longview team are keen to be at the forefront of the independent research world and stay abreast of technical innovations. Jo recognises that client relationships are key to Longview and works hard to ensure service is always excellent.