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Institutional investors

Do you work for a financial institution? We provide independent advice and consulting on global economics and financial markets

What we do

Top Quality Research

Access to the latest Longview research, and asset allocation, investment and trading recommendations.

proven track record

Our track record speaks for itself. We publish the performance of all our investment and trading advice on the website with full transparency.

Calls and Meetings

We provide regular quarterly updates (where requested) to our global outlook, as well as monthly calls and team briefings (dependent on service level selected).

Why work with Longview?


A holistic approach

Our models, developed over the past twenty years, lie at the heart of our research process. The message of those models, combined with our experience and analysis build our core, central views, which we then express through a number of research products. As such, no matter what piece you are reading, our views are coherent and consistent.

unafraid to be contrarian

We are not afraid to be bold with our research and challenge market consensus. We are extremely proud of our proven history in making contrarian decisions while still returning strong, positive returns. 

proven track record

We regularly update and publish our track records, to enable our clients to monitor the performance of our recommendations. This careful tracking of our recommendations is also a key part of our work to continually improve our understanding & awareness of macro and markets.

Independent and impartial

Our research is driven by what's interesting and what matters. We make it our business to stay on top of what's important across the global financial landscape, and write clear and candid recommendations.

Summary of key Longview products

The Daily RAG

The Daily RAG publication comes out every business day before 9:30am London time, and includes a 1 – 2 week LONG or SHORT recommendation on equity index futures, typically S&P500 futures. The publication also features an overview of global markets movements, economic and political events, key macro data releases and a summary of the message generated by our suite of proprietary models.


The Short View

The Short View is primarily about recent, short term market movements in key asset classes (equities, bonds, rates, currencies, commodities and volatility). Much of the thinking in the product is based on positioning and sentiment shifts. The product draws upon the Commodities Futures Trading Commission’s (CFTC) ‘Commitments Of Traders’ report (COT), which is published each week. We take the data from this,  that relates to speculators, and include it as part of our analysis of recent market price action across key asset classes (and then outline our conclusions in the Short View publication).

Macro Trades

‘Macro Trade Recommendations’ highlight trading opportunities with a one to six month time horizon across a variety of key asset classes, including: Government bonds; currencies; rates; equities; and commodity futures. The product details the macro, markets and model rationale behind the recommended trade and also shows how to action it (in terms of which investment instrument to use).

Tactical Asset Allocation

The Tactical Equity Asset Allocation is an explicit recommendation on the outlook for the S&P500 Index on a one to four month horizon based on our suite of medium-term quantitative models and our analysis of the global economic cycle.

Quarterly Asset Allocation

The Quarterly Global Asset Allocation is a recommendation for a global portfolio comprised of equities, bonds, commodities, credit and cash with a six to twenty four month investment horizon. The recommendation is based on our assessment of the global economic cycle, the current key investment/macro themes, our assessment of market valuation and analysis of other key factors which drive medium to long term investment cycles. Each quarter there is a section with a detailed analysis of the economic cycle in the USA, Eurozone and China. There is also a section dedicated to valuation across all key asset classes, as well as a front section with detailed recommendations and rationale.

Global Macro Report

In our Global Macro Reports we identify and explore key macro themes & the global economic cycle in key global economies. The reports frequently examine the US, EU & China and less frequently analyse other major economies.

Longview Letters

Longview Letters look in depth at key long term themes which relate to the outlook for global financial markets & the global economy. These thematic pieces aim to provoke thinking and often form the basis for podcasts and newspaper editorials.

Commodity Fundamentals Report

Commodities Fundamentals Reports provide deep analysis of the supply and demand dynamics for key commodities. We provide regular updates to our outlook on oil, gold, and copper; and infrequent analysis on silver, iron ore, agricultural commodities and energy.

Longview on Friday

The Longview on Friday brings together every aspect of Longview's weekly analysis and strategic investment advice. The report updates key themes, outlines crucial trading advice and drills deep into the most relevant market movements and macro trends. The Longview on Friday has successfully predicted and remained ahead of key global trends. The report identifies the key themes that will drive global markets in the short and long term.

Money Creation Monthly 

Money Creation Monthly aims to ‘follow the money’, i.e. to follow and analyse money creation (both amongst major global central banks, and within commercial and shadow banking systems around the world). In particular, our aim is to better understand (and forecast) its impact on credit, housing, and economic cycles. In addition, we aim to monitor and forecast the build-up of excess in the global economy, in the global financial system, and indeed in global markets, ahead of the next bust.

Quant Monthly

The Quant Monthly aims to dig deeper into key market and macro questions and focus on marrying up the message of the corporate (and banking) sector with the message of the macro. We typically aggregate income and balance sheet statements across many countries and sectors to provide data and insight not available elsewhere.

Monthly Asset Allocation

To supplement our Quarterly Global Asset Allocation which focuses on the US, Europe and China, we publish a Monthly Asset Allocation which digs deeper into specific other themes/sectors/asset classes such as commodities, bonds and emerging markets. We then update our Global Asset Allocation recommendations for these asset allocations.

About us

A team of investor experts

The Longview team share a wide range of backgrounds, interests and specialisations, headed up by CEO and founder, Chris Watling.

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