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Our Track Record

Our track record below shows some examples of key calls on markets and key global macro events. 
These track records are regularly updated - latest update as at close 30th September 2019 (i.e. performance up to the end of September):

Quarterly Global Asset Allocation (QGAA): Absolute performance (since the start of the global asset allocation product). This product makes quarterly recommendations across all key asset classes on a 6 - 24 month timeframe.

Fig 1 SEP 19-1


QGAA: Performance relative to benchmark (since start of the global asset allocation product)

Fig 2 SEP 19


Longview tactical calls 2010-2019*: The 'Tactical Equity Asset Allocation' product, in combination with the occasional 'Longview Alert', makes recommendations on US equities versus cash (and in some instances, versus 10 year Treasuries) on a 1 - 4 months timeframe.

Fig 3 SEP 19

*as if recommendations are +/- 100% equity LONG-SHORT relative to benchmark (i.e. chart shows added alpha from +/- 100% overlay recommendations)

Key Tactical Calls - last five years:

track record tactical

Key Calls/Major Themes - last five years: