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The RAG Trader

Professional trading intelligence with The Daily RAG

What is The Daily RAG?

It’s a written bulletin of expert professional trading intelligence produced before 9am London time. It covers global stock markets and is designed to specifically navigate short term movements in those markets.

It gives explicit 1-2 week recommendations on US and other country equity market futures: advising either long or short positions with both entry points and stop loss levels.

It is based primarily on our ‘fear and greed’ models and backed up with over 25 years of experience following and trading the markets. We also utilise other types of models to further augment our understanding and ability to accurately forecast the market’s direction.

Who is it for?

We sell the Daily RAG to both institutional and private professional traders across the globe.

The Daily RAG is for anyone interested in trading equity markets on a one to two week basis. It helps the subscriber to get closer to markets, to better assess the market environment and to position for that.

Ideally suited FOR

  • Day traders
  • Swing traders
  • Professional investors
  • Equity LONG/SHORT traders

The Daily RAG

The human behaviours associated with fear and greed dominate short term price swings in equity markets. Yet popular opinion believe markets are driven by, and respond to, news flow. It’s why markets so often respond in the opposite manner to how the pundits and the news flow say they will.

By measuring and mathematically quantifying the market’s emotional states, our models provide intelligence as to when to enter and exit - providing Long and Short equity index futures recommendations on a 1-2 week timeframe.

Our expertise and experience allows us to interpret those models and produce daily trading recommendations with a strong track record.