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Press coverage

Venezuelan crypto: Desperate measures in desperate times

Harry Colvin

In oil terms, Venezuela is arguably the wealthiest nation in the world. Its proven oil reserves stand at 300 billion barrels thanks to heavy tar sands in the Orinoco Belt. That’s larger than Saudi...

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Venezuela's oil-backed cryptocurrency more likely to be ruled 'illegitimate' than succeed, economist says - CNBC 20th February 2018

Longview Economics

  • The launch of the bitcoin-esque cryptocurrency, called the petro, is viewed by many onlookers as a somewhat desperate attempt to secure cash amid an unprecedented economic meltdown.
  • The move comes...

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Markets are at a treacherous junction as bond yields rise - Financial Times 2nd February 2018

Longview Economics

The return of inflation and how central banks respond if it does are key issues

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