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The Macro Trader

Take your trading to the next level

What is the Macro Trader?

The Macro Trader is the ideal tool for anyone trading on a one to six month timeframe.  We incorporate our fundamental views outlined in key Longview research (e.g. the Commodity Fundamental Report or Global Macro Report), along with our technical, positioning and sentiment models, to express explicit trading recommendations. We supplement that trading advice with our Short View, a commentary on the market environment, which looks to explain key recent price movements, with particular attention to positioning and sentiment.

Who is it for?

The Macro Trader is perfect for anyone with a portfolio of multiple asset classes. It's particularly relevant for those trading on macroeconomic fundamentals and the cyclical fear/greed cycles that drive asset price behaviour. 

Perfect For

  • Currency Traders
  • Commodity Traders
  • Pension Investors
  • Financial market enthusiasts

Macro Trading Recommendations

‘Macro Trading Recommendations’ highlight trading opportunities with a one to six month time horizon across a variety of key asset classes, including: Government bonds; currencies; rates; equities; and commodities. The product details the macro, markets and model rationale behind the recommended trade and also shows how to structure it (in terms of which instrument to use).

The Short View

The Short View is primarily about recent, short term market movements in key asset classes (equities, bonds, rates, currencies, commodities and volatility). Much of the thinking in the product is based on positioning and sentiment shifts. The product draws upon the Commodities Futures Trading Commission’s (CFTC) ‘Commitments Of Traders’ report (COT), which is published each week. We take the data from this,  that relates to speculators, and include it as part of our analysis of recent market price action across key asset classes (and then outline our conclusions in the Short View publication).