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The investor

For the serious 'thinker'

What is The Investor?

The Investor is for anyone who loves to think about markets from a global top-down perspective. To fully understand medium to long term price action, we need to stay on top of the structural and cyclical cycles in global economies. The Investor package includes our Global Macro Report, which dives into the key macro themes affecting major economies, and the Quarterly Global Asset Allocation, which further analyses the US, Eurozone and China and analyses the current key investment themes through a global portfolio of equities, bonds, commodities, credit, and cash.

Who is it for?

The Investor is perfect for anyone who likes to think about key macroeconomic themes around the world, and how they will affect global asset prices in the medium to long term.


  • Pension investors
  • Long term investors
  • Academics/enthusiasts

The Global Macro Report

The Global Macro Report provides a detailed cyclical analysis for the world’s key economies. Each report uses the latest macroeconomic data, monetary and fiscal policy outlook, along with our economic expertise to provide an outlook for the economy as a whole. In particular, we use detailed structural understanding of each key economy and region to understand how that country will be impacted by its own, and other, macro forces and events. Reports regularly focus on the US, Eurozone, China, and UK, and occasionally on Japan, Brazil, and India, amongst others.

Quarterly Global Asset Allocation

The Quarterly Global Asset Allocation is a publication with comprehensive, longer term (6 – 24 month) recommendations on a number of major global asset classes, including: equities; sovereign and corporate bonds (both high yield & investment grade); commodities; and cash. The recommendation is based on our analysis of global macroeconomic trends, macro themes, economic strengths & weaknesses, and our deep relative valuation analysis.

The publication is produced every calendar quarter and is released in five separate sections over the course of the month. Those sections include the front section with the recommendations and associated rationale, three distinct global macro analyses of the US, the Eurozone, and China, and a final deep dive into valuations across major asset classes.