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Press coverage

Financial Times - January 11th 2019

Financial Times - Michael Mackenzie

Bull markets need fresh blood to drive higher

Dearth of initial public offerings bodes ill for longer-term returns

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Bloomberg Daybreak 4 Dec 2018 Market Signals from the flattening Yield Curve's First Inversion

Bloomberg Daybreak: americas

Chris Watling, chief executive officer and chief market strategist at Longview Economics, discusses what a yield curve inversion means for markets and the Federal Reserve. He speaks on "Bloomberg...

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CNBC - 5 Dec 2018 Chris Watling talks market trends


Chris Watling, Longview Economics CEO, discusses possible threats to the market

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Equity Sell-Off - Timing the Buy - An opportunity like early in 2018?

Livewire Markets

We have seen the second sizeable sell-off this year. The SP500 has dropped -7.80% in October (so far), not quite matching the fall of -11.8% in Jan-Feb 2018. The volatility can be an opportunity,...

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