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Press coverage

Uncertainty in the UK remains high

Longview Economics

Harry Colvin, director and senior market strategist at Longview Economics, discusses the Brexit negotiations and the impact on U.K. markets.

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Bond Traders Have a Bad Case of Wishful Thinking - Bloomberg Markets 18th November 2018

John Authers - Bloomberg opinion

Kondratieff on Brexit

One of the worst problems with Brexit, as far as I and many other Britons are concerned, is that it has put us in conflict with each other. Even families are...

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We have far bigger issues to worry about than Brexit. The economy and technology are in flux - The Independent 13th January 2018

Longview Economics

It is not unthinkable that long-term interest rates could double, while shares soar and fall again. After all, the Bank of England did not foresee the last market crash

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