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Longview on Friday

The most comprehensive weekly economic, investment and trading strategy report used by some of the world's biggest institutional investors and major hedge funds.

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“As a house that prides itself on conviction based investing, we value Longview’s independent thought leadership. Looking at markets and thematics in an unbiased and considered way adds greatly to our portfolio construction process.” - Adrian Bignell, Fund Manager – European Equities, Invesco Perpetual

World class investment advice for All

The Longview on Friday brings together every aspect of Longview's weekly analysis and strategic investment advice. The report updates key themes, outlines crucial trading advice and drills deep into the most relevant market movements and macro trends. The Longview on Friday has successfully predicted and remained ahead of key global trends. The report identifies the key themes that will drive global markets in the short and long term.

Discern order in global markets & enhance your returns

The Longview on Friday is designed to bring the finest investment and trading advice to all investors, not just the institutional elite. In an increasingly open and digital world, this report allows smaller private investors to operate and drive new levels of returns with the same levels of strategic insight usually only enjoyed by the world's biggest banks and hedge funds.

On one level global markets appear remarkably complex. At their core, however, only a handful of factors and themes truly matter. In the Longview on Friday we distill and determine exactly what those factors and themes are. Once analysed and discerned, the investment picture becomes far clearer. Our obsession is to make ALL our clients money.

This report covers the key global economies and central banks of the world, major asset prices and core global macro themes, and translates those into sharp, clear and specific investment and trading advice and recommendations.

As Bernard Gresser, Infinitas Asset Management recently said:

"The strategy pieces from Longview are very welcome in the crowded global research universe. Always clear, always concise and without the bias that is anchored in institutional research."

Introduction to the Longview on Friday from the CEO