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Longview Global Macro Analysis

These reports give our clients in depth analysis of the key issues and themes facing the global economy

Longview Letters

Longview Letters look in depth at key long term themes which relate to the outlook for the global financial markets and the global economy. We publish six to ten reports per year. In recent years we have examined various subjects including: i) The 100 year Kindleberger Cycle of Global Reserve Currency Status (including the theme of 'financialisation' & ‘definancialisation’ of the US economy); ii) The origins of the debt supercycle; iii) Balance Sheet Recessions – and the question ‘has the West entered a balance sheet recession’; iv) Commodity Super Cycles – Myth or Reality?; v) China – is it a Bubble?; vi) Kondratieff Long Cycles and Global Asset Allocation; vii) The ‘Old’ or ‘New’ Normal.

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Global Macro Report

In our  Global Macro Reports we examine the cyclical economic outlook for various key economies and regions. These reports frequently examine the US, EU, China & the UK and less frequently analyse other major economies.

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Commodity Fundamentals Report

The Commodity Fundamentals Reports provide a deep analysis of the supply and demand dynamics for key commodities. Recent publications have focussed on oil, gold, and copper.

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